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We always enjoy hearing from our clients. Here are some of their comments we thought we would share with you.

"Gary has been my personal trainer for over 10 years. His passion, vast knowledge and skills in challenging the body have contributed immensely to my health. Because of his changing exercise regime to fit in with my age and ongoing lifestyle, I have received excellent results. Gary covers every part of health and has educated me in nutrition and eating correctly. Gary is extremely dedicated to his profession and I know that I would not be physically and mentally where I am now without his help"


Jenny Josephs,

CEO - Financial Advisory




Having Known Gary for 4 years now and worked with him for 3 years, it was an easy decision for me to choose him as the person to help improve my strength and overall wellbeing for the endurance events I compete in. Over the last 7 months Gary has help improve my leg and core strength so much that I’m running stronger than ever and my times keep improving. With his nutritional advice and guidance I have increased my muscle mass but continued to stay lean .He makes every session fun and listens to my personal needs and tailors each session accordingly.” I’m running stronger, injury free and look forward to every session”


Rob Millington,

IT Consultant / Triathlete




"Gary is the trainer's trainer. I regard Gary as a master trainer. As a mum of twins and a former personal trainer/professional fitness competitor I value Gary's expertise. His knowledge is current and on going. Why do I love training with Gary? He is the best!"


Robyn Jackson

Former IFBB Fitness Pro




"PT REVOLUTION…….has been one of the best moves I’ve made in my life.

As a Director of a growing business, I came to Gary injured, over weight and stressed. Through their training systems I have lost fat, gained a little muscle and have returned the SPARK back in my life. PT REVOLUTION has transformed me and the exciting part we are just at the beginning. PT REVOLUTION are professional and can help you on many levels;  strength ,conditioning, diet and positive mental support



Ken Fiske, Director

Kure Roof Trusses and Frames



"I have been personally trained by Gary Mathewson continuously for 15 years. I purchased 2 sessions of personal training at a fund raiser in 1997 and I have been training with Gary ever since. I had a history of buying memberships at gyms and then losing interest – a lot of wasted money.

At age 38 I was working long hours as a specialist medical doctor. I was overweight, had poor aerobic capacity and lacked flexibility. I needed a long term strategy to deal with these issues. After my first 2 sessions I realised this was the best solution for my lifestyle and so I have 3 sessions / week and have not looked back. Gary is punctual, patient, highly professional  and good company which makes it easier to get out of bed at 5.45 am! Personal training has given me a sense of wellbeing, improved my flexibility and strength (which has helped my golf) and my body composition. Gary Mathewson is an excellent personal trainer and I would recommend him to anyone without reservation"


Dr. Michael Merrett